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Tamper Proof Screws

Global Fasteners offers these standard security screws, most available in machine and sheet metal screws. In Brass or Stainless with a variety of head styles. Tooling is available for each application, ask your Global Fasteners sales representative today about which might fit your specific needs.

Snake Eyes Spanner Snake Eyes Spanner
Available in stainless steal sheet metal screws or machine screws. Machine screws available in brass.
Reverse Thread Reverse Thread
Available in low profile truss head installs counter clock wise.
Philips Head-Pin Philips Head-Pin
Available in sheet metal screws or machine screws, flat head or pan head.
One Way - Slotted One Way - Slotted
Available in machine and sheet metal screws with Round, Truss or Oval head designs.
Socket Pin-Head Socket Pin-Head
Available in Button head and Flat head styles, perfect for high torque applications.
Triangular Triangular
Available in self-tapping screws.
Torx Pin-Head Torx Pin-Head
Available in button head and flat head machine screw and sheet metal screw. Also available in Pan head self drilling.
Spanner Nut Spanner Nut
Available in zinc alloy .
Tri-Wing Tri-Wing
Available in machine and sheet metal screws also available in reverse thread.
Breakaway Nut Breakaway Nut
Installed with a standard wrench, the nut portion breaks away leaving the conical portion.

Need more security? Global Fasteners can help you customize your drive design so that no other individual could obtain your key. These highly durable stainless screws are available in Truss, Flat and Button head styles with literally millions of key variations. They are offered in machine, metric, type A and plastic thread types. You will also have numerous plating choices including zinc, galvanized, black oxide and chrome. Don't be risk your valuable security needs to a drive that can be obtained at the local hardware store. Obtain true security with your own keyed lock.

Tamper Proof Screws


Penta Plus Penta Plus
The geometry of the penta plus makes it most secure screw on the market besides the keyed lock featured above. It is specifically configured to keep Torx pin and Hex pin bits out. Available in sheet metal and machine screw thread types in standard and metric.
Spin-Lok Spin-Lok
Spin-lok is a tamper proof screw for applications requiring permanent installation. It is configured so that the bit intentionally rounds out the socket at a precise torque. The torque is set at customer specifications.
Hex Pin Hex Pin
The Hex pin as available in sheet metal and machine screw t-ypes with flat button head and head styles. These durable screws are made of 18-8 stainless sold in bulk they are a good inexpensive option.
TAM-6 Lobe TAM-6 Lobe
These 6 lobe tamper proof screws are also available in bulk and come in #6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 sizes. In machine screws they are available in 6-32 to 1/2 sizes up to 2 long.
Penta Bolt Penta Bolt
The penta bolt is available when a traditional tamperproof screw just wont do. These pentagon shaped heads prevent a traditional socket or wrench from removing them. They are offered in 3/8-16 and 1/2-13 sizes up to 3 1/2 long.
Penta Nut Penta Nut
The best security nut offered on the market. Call for pricing and available sizes.


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